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We have been photographing retail in glorious detail for more than fifteen years and our image library now has more than a million images, growing every day.

We photograph all retail sectors, from food to fashion, department stores to shopping malls. We also cover specific elements, from shopfronts and window displays, to interior design and visual merchandising.

Whilst some of the imagery on our website is not licensed for us to sell, our own Echochamber image bank is huge, high quality and extremely detailed. Our work with retailers, developers and designers over the past fifteen years means that our global ‘on the ground’ research provides answers and inspiration to all the major questions of our retail industry.

How does it work?

If you need images, for mood boards, tenancy guides, pitches or presentations, then get in touch, give us your brief and we can help.

We don’t just supply the images, we can help you with your brief, recommending the most inspirational and innovative examples.

We have various pricing structures; you can either open an image account or use our expertise for a specific project. Contact us and we can tell you more…

Image Library

We photograph retail as it really exists, from merchandising and design to technology and service

Image Library

What people are saying…

  • If you are looking for fresh, intelligent and insightful knowledge on a global scale then you should seriously consider Echochamber. They have the combined ability to identify emerging trends and then articulate their significance to individual clients. Echochamber has inspired many factors central to the new store format programme at Marks & Spencer, providing a great return on investment. A joy to work with.

    Chris McManus, Head of Store Environment

  • I have used the Echochamber on several occasions. My team and I found their input invaluable because when you are being creative on a daily basis it is vital to collect and consider inspirational ideas from around the world. Better input = better output. The beauty of Echochamber is that you can target the ideas and research you want to a specific project, or get them to give you a broad overview of new thinking and designs. Time is a critical factor in any business. I believe time spent with the Echochamber is time well spent and a great investment in future ideas.

    Lynda Murray, Head of Design

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