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Before Coronavirus, we would always actively encourage our clients to get out from behind their desks and into the world, looking at shops with fun and inspiring retail safaris and connecting at conferences. Now things have changed. As we are all working form home and global travel is on hold, it is more important than ever to stay in touch and inspired, even if that is virtually through a screen. Why not book an online trend session for your team to get the creative juices flowing again?

What on Earth is going on?

Traditional retail has changed forever. To survive in this modern, online world, brands, shopping centres and even our own city streets need to engage us in much deeper ways.

It’s a strange world out there: Customers seek out penny saving deals at the supermarket…but eagerly wait in line to spend hundreds on the latest must-have item.

High Street stores are closing down in the face of online competition…and yet we’ve spotted people queuing in the rain for a can of coke!

Retail is evolving faster than ever…

It’s an exciting and terrifying time. Our trend talks bring you the latest evidence, gathered from our travels around the world, of what is happening across retail, who’s innovating, and where it’s all heading.

Our retail talks are a whirlwind visual journey. Constantly refreshed with the latest news, our talks are informal, funny, controversial, and always inspiring.

Why Trends?

When we talk about trends, we are not talking about changing fashions in design, materials and colours. The trends we focus on are the forces that are shaping the future of retail. Our trends are global, and they travel, like a tidal wave, through every retail sector.

By looking at how and where retail innovation is happening, our trends can serve as a road map to the future, helping you to plan your strategy and future proof your business.

Regular keynote speakers at international conferences.

From keynote presentations at big international conferences, to intimate team training workshops, we tailor our talks to suit any audience in any sector.

Our clients range from retailers and developers, to big brands and designers. We love to answer specific questions, but our favourite topics are the future of retail in the online world and the new age of the ‘enthusiastic expert’.

That’s how our business works; we travel, we learn and we feed it all back to you!

If you would be interested in booking Matthew to speak for you, please do get in touch and say hello.

Keynotes & Trend Workshops

While big brands experiment with digital, we've spotted people queuing for a can of coke in the rain!

Keynotes & Trend Workshops

Our talks are a whirlwind visual journey through the trends that are shaping the future of retail.

Keynotes & Trend Workshops

What people are saying…

  • I’ve been a follower of Echochamber for a long time and being an ex-consultant who has seen them all, I can honestly say, Matthew is one of the best speakers on retail trends in the world. I recently had him present to over 100 CEO’s and owners of my biggest customers across Asia Pacific and the feedback was overwhelming. The combination of insight, passion and entertainment made this the best speech of my conference. I couldn’t recommend Matthew any higher and he will be a regular at any event that I hold.

    Brian Man, Asia Pacific Retail Sales & Marketing Lead at Microsoft

  • Retail Futurologist Matthew Brown was the highly anticipated keynote speaker at the fourth annual FMCG Summit in Belgrade, the biggest regional trade conference in Southeastern Europe. Drawing in a crowd of more than 450 participants, Mr. Brown, in a highly energized tone, spoke about best global retail practices, with creative insight into the most important consumer trends. Participants from the local retail sector (which also includes global chains like Ahold Delhaize or regional Agrokor), as well as many suppliers and IT experts regarded the presentation and Mr. Brown’s expose as one of the highlights of the summit. For us, as organizers of the event, it truly gave an added value and overall international, futuristic tone.

    Vojislava Pešić, In B2B Media

  • Matthew was our keynote speaker at our retail conference and he was fantastic – very engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking of course, but had also done his homework on our industry. You could almost hear the sounds of pennies dropping as he spoke. Highly recommended.

    Andrew Davies, Managing Editor, Taylist Media

  • My teams have all said that they ADORED the presentation; both the content and the style. Many thanks Matthew and Bravo!

    Julie Andouin-Urdangary, L’Oreal Luxe Travel, Paris

  • Matthew, we would like to express our thanks for your presentation at our IGDS Cosmetics Executive Conference in London. Your presentation was excellent and stimulating and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the delegates. We fully recognise that we would not receive such positive feedback without the outstanding presentations provided by seasoned and passionate professionals, like you.

    Werner Studer, Executive Director IGDS, Zurich

  • I had the pleasure of listening to you earlier today at Børsen, and enjoyed it. Refreshing and complete ‘tour the world’ within retail development in a one hour session – very inspiring.

    Marie Louise Olsen, Copenhagen

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