Responsible Retail

Sustainabilty has evolved…

Sustainability, corporate social responsibility, ethical sensitivity, energy efficiency and environmental awareness have increasingly come together under one overarching banner that we call ‘Responsible Retail’.

Across every retail sector, from food to fashion, beauty to home, customers increasingly demand transparency from retail brands to prove their ethical credentials.

There is almost no limit to the stories that responsible retailers can tell, with instore corporate communications featuring detail about their supply chains, community and charity strategies.

Environmental credentials are equally important; from zero carbon store construction and energy efficiency, to plastic and packaging free shopping.

Responsible Retail is also moving beyond communication into eco-responsible products and services; recycled, upcycled and resold.

Perhaps more importantly, it has moved beyond instore communication into richer, more interactive and theatrical  instore experiences; from learning labs to personalisation and upcycling ateliers.

Responsible Retail will only get deeper and richer in the future…

Responsible Retail report

Responsible Retail is a global benchmark of best practice in every element of ethical and sustainable retail.

The PDF document is an inspiring visual review of how sustainability is presented instore, across graphics and communication, interactive units, innovative displays, instore events and workshops

The 258 page report is divided into two sections: Food and Non-Food. There are 39 global case studies featuring ethical, sustainable and packaging-free initiatives by grocery retailers in Food. The report also features 24 case studies of non food retailers; from fashion to sport and department stores.

Interactive Sustainability Workshop

Responsible Retail is also available as an interactive workshop, presented by Matthew, either online, at your office or as part of a sustainability safari.

We will bring the examples from the report to life in an interactive storytelling presentation that analyses the underlying trends and learnings.

The workshop comes with a copy of the presentation and if we come to your office you are also welcome to film.

Sustainability Safari

If this report has whetted your appetite why not join us on a journey to see sustainability in action on a sustainability safari?

If you would like to see how the world’s best retailers communicate responsibility and offer richer more immersive experiences, then our Sustainability Safaris will take you to the best examples.

Our one day London Sustainability safari is a whirlwind one day walking tour exploring the best examples of sustainability across food, fashion, beauty, home and department stores.

We begin the day with an immersive and inspiring global trends presentation to set the scene for the themes of the day.

We also offer sustainability safaris in Paris, Berlin and New York.

Contact us to find out more.

How much?

There are various pricing options available; from taking each item individually; PDF report, workshop and Safari, to ordering them all. Contact us for a quote.

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