Fabulous Foodcourts

The world of food is evolving…fast.

Fabulous Foodcourts is a visual journey through the trends shaping the world’s greatest foodcourts and foodhalls.

Right around the globe, developers and designers are creating mould breaking eating spaces that are surprising and delighting a new generation of demanding consumers.

The era of heavily themed fast food counters with uncomfortable seating is fast becoming replaced by generous spaces, alive with fresh food theatre, healthy food from passionate local operators, and sporting cutting edge contemporary design.

Fabulous Foodcourts has been designed as a tool for developers, retailers and designers to benchmark the global best. It defines global best practice and provides the tools to build a strategy and design brief that can ‘futureproof’ important new projects.

Global Trends

Fabulous Foodcourts is divided into seven trend chapters, showing in vibrant detail, the evolution of eating.

The book, together with the image collection, was specifically designed to be a powerful tool for futureproofing new projects:

Featuring 55 case studies of foodcourts from Asia, Australia, the United States, the Middle East and Europe, the book also covers department store foodhalls, as well as the leading design trends in restaurant and fast casual dining.

Provenance, storytelling, fresh food theatre and increasing levels of customer interaction mean that the world’s malls, department stores and even traditional markets are reinventing themselves with dynamic new shopping and eating concepts.

The Book

Fabulous Foodcourts is a beautiful, bespoke printed and bound A3 size hardback book with more than 250 full colour pages.

The digital version of Fabulous Foodcourts is a high resolution pdf, available for download, which can be shared throughout your business.

The Image Library

The Fabulous Foodcourts image library is a resource that can be used for presentations, mood boards, design briefs and tenancy guides.

With over 1000 beautiful, high resolution digital images of the world’s best foodcourts, you will have all the inspiration material you need, at your fingertips.

Foodology Workshop

Books and images are great, but nothing beats hearing stories firsthand and exploring ideas together. Foodology is a two hour trend workshop which brings the themes of Fabulous Foodcourts to life.

Using the best examples from around the world, we explore and explain how trends in other sectors, such as fashion and technology are driving change in food.

Foodology is a visual journey through the world’s best eating spaces; from shopping centre foodcourts to food halls, markets and restaurants.

The workshop comes with a copy of the presentation and its own image library.

How much?

There are various pricing options available; from taking each item individually; book, pdf, image library and workshop, to ordering them all. Contact us for a quote.

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