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Trends in the retail landscape

After years of big brand price wars, the discounter revolution is driving a renewed focus on the physical store experience.

Aldi is reinventing value retail with premium design, the same, cutting edge, Amazon invented ‘just walk out technology’ as the big players, and a new, responsive local focus, which includes unique artist commissions for each location.

We call this the ‘Push for Posh’ because it drives innovation in store experience up through the market.

Other brands, such as Ukrainian Silpo, build whimsical themes and unique design into every location, with amazing store openings even in the midst of war.

The future of physical food retail is all about surprise and delight.

Customers want expert quality, demonstrated through storytelling and visible craft. They want to be inspired with products displayed with visual flair, in surroundings that are more than merely functional spaces.

The trend towards ‘grocerant gastronomy’ is accelerating and demonstrates our desire for authentic social experiences that offer hospitality, community and ethical responsibility.

Food Glorious Food 2024 report

Our Food Glorious Food PDF report is a huge visual benchmark of 75 new and historically significant grocery formats from across the world. Arranged alphabetically, the report is more than 350 pages of glorious colour imagery.

The chosen case studies aim to give a rounded picture of innovation in store design, visual merchandising and communication across a variety of grocery and foodhall formats.

The report also covers technology innovation, food service and hospitality, as well as ethical and sustainable innovation.

The report deliberately includes a spread of premium, mass, discounter and independent retailers in order to demonstrate that trends are both global and apply across the price point spectrum.

Food Glorious Food is a celebration of the creativity of internal teams and external architects and designers. (Agencies and photographers are credited in each case study wherever appropriate)

The report is accompanied by an interactive trends presentation, immersive food safari and a sister report on convenience retail innovation.

Food Glorious Food is updated annually and is a comprehensive resource of inspiration for grocery retailers, FMCGs, marketeers, architects, designers and visual merchandisers.

Interactive Food Trends Workshop

Food Glorious Food is also available as an interactive workshop, presented by Matthew, either online, at your office or as part of an Urban Food safari.

We will bring the examples from the report to life in an interactive storytelling presentation that analyses the underlying trends and learnings.

The workshop comes with a copy of the presentation and if we come to your office you are also welcome to film.

Urban Food Safaris – London, Dublin & Amsterdam

If this report has whetted your appetite why not join us on a journey to see food trends in action on an Urban Food Safari?

If you would like to see innovation in food retail then we are running Urban Food Safaris in London, Dublin and Amsterdam.

Each city tour is an immersive and action packed journey around the best food retail in the city, covering urban convenience, supermarkets, food halls and food courts and markets.

We begin the day with an immersive and inspiring global trends presentation to set the scene for the themes of the day.

Contact us to find out more.

How much?

There are various pricing options available; from taking each item individually; PDF report, workshop and Safari, to ordering them all. Contact us for a quote.

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