The Pop Up Revolution

The Pop Up store has become one of the key defining trends in retail over the past few years. It has been embraced by brands and retailers globally as a way of experimenting with innovative ideas and building brand engagement in creative new ways.

Fueled by the recession, the economic case for the pop up is well established; low capital costs, flexible short term leases; these things make perfect sense. However, this trend has evolved into a whole creative world of events, exhibitions and theatrical ideas.

By definition, most of the stores in this report are no longer with us, but their ideas remain…

The Pop Up Revolution is available in three formats; a hardback book, a digital pdf and an image library…

The Book

The Pop Up Revolution is arranged into twelve chapters; including temporary stores, pop up malls, ‘permanent’ pop ups, shipping container stores, pop up shopfronts, virtual pop ups and more…

The Pop Up Revolution is a beautiful, bespoke printed and bound A3 size hardback book with more than 120 full colour pages and more than 100 case studies of pop up concepts from across the globe.

The digital version is a high resolution pdf, available for download, which can be shared throughout your business.

The Image Library

The image library is a resource that can be used for presentations, mood boards or design briefs.

The image library contains more than 100 examples of pop up concepts from around the world and more than 500 high resolution images.

Where the book contains an edited selection, the library has the full collection, so you can examine each concept in much greater detail.

The image library is available as a digital download, so we can deliver it to you immediately, anywhere in the world.

How much?

There are various pricing options available.

You can order each item separately or take the book, pdf and image library all together.

Contact us for a quote.

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